6to Entrenamiento para Líderes Scouts de la Región Interamericana ILT 2018


El ya conocido y exitoso curso de liderazgo ILT, se realizará por segunda vez en Ecuador, la sexta edición del “Interamerican Leadership Training ILT #6” se llevará a cabo del 29 de diciembre de 2018 al 4 de enero de 2019.

El ILT reúne a dos participantes de cada país de la región interamericana y de algunos países de otra región, ser seleccionado por representante al ILT por Ecuador es un alto honor y una gran oportunidad para todos los participantes. Los participantes seleccionados deberán cubrir un valor de $250,00 correspondiente a la cuota de participación.

Media beca

La Asociación de Scouts del Ecuador pagará el 50% del valor de participación (USD $ 125,00) a los dos Rovers o Dirigentes miembros de la ASE que sean seleccionados.

¿Quién participa?

Buscamos dos futuros líderes para la ASE, Scouts comprometidos entre 18 y 25 años para que participen en el curso “Interamerican Leadership Training”

Perfil requerido por la organización:

  • Edad entre 18 a 25 años
  • Futuro potencial como líder en su Asociación Scout Nacional.
  • Inglés fluido

As the participants are required to be English fluent, from here on, the information will be delivered in English.


The course will strengthen the Scouts as future contributors to your National Scout Organization. Leadership skills learned and practiced, resources gathered, and networking opportunities during the training produce a life changing experience for participating Scouts.

Moreover, as ambassadors for your National Scout Organizations you will share your knowledge at home and promote collaboration of youth leaders within the Interamerican Region.

Course Overview

Top International Leaders and participating ILT alumni will be talking about leadership, communication and planning. Sessions are designed for participation rather than classroom training. Some Topics include:

  • Values of Scouting
  • Messengers of Peace Program / Designing a Messengers of Peace Project
  • Effective Communication
  • Understanding the “Group
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Problem Solving / Decision Making
  • Consensus Building / Conflict Management

Minimum requirements and documents to be prepared:

  • Age between 18 to 24 years 11 months at the date of the event
  • Proved potential of leadership in Scouts of Ecuador
  • Very fluent in English (Will be tested by an interviewed)
  • Must be registered in ASE the periods 2017 and 2018.
  • Been active in an Scout Group (show a recommendation letter from your group leader in Spanish)
  • Color copy of your National ID.
  • Send full resume and including scout life background in Spanish
  • send the report card of your study center and / or work certificate
  • Include a brief description of community service activities, projects or similar where you have been involved.
  • Be able to attend in Quito full time from December 29 to January 4th .
  • Attached form must be send completely filled by the applicant. Application deadline

Please note: Members of the National Board (Consejo Nacional) are not allowed to participate or their relatives to the third degree of consanguinity or affinity.

Application Deadline

The full information and documents requested must be send by mail until monday, november 5th, 2018 at 11h00. The subject of the email must be “ILT No. 6 Application – “your Name” to the following address:

Lyda Pavón:  [email protected]

C.C.: Luis Gonzalez, [email protected]

Asunto: ILT#6 – Application – “your name”

No se tomarán en cuenta postulaciones recibidas fuera de la fecha y hora límite antes indicadas.